Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Year’s Resolution 2014 – Occupy Camp David

by Rose A. Valenta

"A fool and his money are soon elected." ~ Will Rogers

After all the years that I have made a list of New Year’s resolutions for the good of my family, I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf. This year, I am making one for our POTUS:

" I will spend all my vacation and holiday time at Camp David"

Camp David

Pictured above is Camp David, the Presidential Retreat that I have been paying for every April 15th, since I joined the American work force. My parents paid for it from 1942 until they died. As you can see, it is a great place for our President to spend holidays and vacations. It is already paid for and its on-going maintenance is covered by 70 years-worth of taxpayer contributions.

The American people understand that being Commander in Chief is a tough job and requires some R&R, but as long as we are faced with a $17 trillion deficit that won’t get paid off until the Second Coming, it is only fair that the POTUS develop a frugal job description for himself and his successors, you know, one that falls under the fiscal cliff, which mandates spending vacation time at a resort designed for the purpose. After all, when a soldier takes liberty he pays for the entertainment out-of-pocket. This is not too much of a sacrifice considering that the President will only have to spend off-hours at Camp David for four years. After the POTUS is out of office, he/she can take the family on exotic personally funded vacations, instead of the extravagant vacations that are currently being taken and straining the American people’s budget.

Nobody gets a free ride in this economy, not even “Head of White Household.”

Just who is in charge of T&E Expense Management at the White House?

You can see where this is headed, right? I am not turning over a new leaf. I will continue to shop at places like Sam’s Club, WalMart, and Costco; as I am already doing a good job economically. My family vacation will remain frugal. My vehicles will continue to be certified pre-owned. My President better wise up.

In the famous words of Will Rogers “There are three kinds of men: The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves."

This year's tab

Yeah, well, not on my dime, BO!

Happy New Year!
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SherryTex said...


To add to your list because making resolutions for other people is so much easier and more satisfying than doing it for one's self.

In a series of symbollic and cost cutting moves:

10) Bo will switch from gourmet IAMS Premium to Generic dog food.
9) Sit down State Dinners now to be buffet at Sizzlers...before five.
8) All Campaign Fund Raisers will be 50/50, with half going towards the treasury.
7) Any person who says, "Raise Taxes" will immediately be hit up for a donation of 10% of their bank account, not income, current existing money.
6) A fee on all politicians, 5$ for each untruth/slander/distortion uttered. Pro: if they continue as normal, the debt will be erased within the political year, Bonus Pro: if they wise up, we won't have to hear their bloviations.
5) Hypocracy Oath: A new demand of all elected act as they preach, or be forced to wear a scarlet "H" and hold a sign, "I"m annoying and sanctimonious and you pay me."
4) Hollywood Documentation: They can tell us how important their thoughts are only after they release all their transcripts, SAT scores and can beat Sarah Palin in a debate to be shown on Pay Per View.
3) All future shopping for the Government shall be done at Sams,Costco and Wallmart with coupons. Failure to save 30% or more will result in penalties on said government entity rivaling the IRS consequences for not paying (for normal people), not Tim Geitner.
2) Holder shall write on a legal pad 100 times each. No selling guns to bad people. No pretending you didn't sell guns to bad people. No pretending you didn't know you planned to sell guns and did, to bad people.
1) If you ask for 1.3 Trillion more, you have to show your work to get credit for the math.

Rose A. Valenta said...

Love the list, Sherry!

P Shane McAfee said...

Thanks for following my twitter feed. I LOVE your "Occupy Camp David" piece. I look forward to reading through your other pieces.


Rose A. Valenta said...

Thanks, Shane. I love your warped outlook.

Jody Worsham said...

Toooo good! Tweet it to OB.

thedangyankee said...

My brother did some work at Camp David. Put up a cell phone tower so BO can keep in touch. He got some presidential beer glasses out of te deal. We'll have to use them to toast your post!